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The new batch has some improvements and new ideas implemented.
New colorways plus cases will be available
(only for M size at the moment)
There are two sizes available in this batch – M & L. Massiv oak frame. Velcro top.
::: M size 35x60cm 389€ (only with case)::: L size 43x81cm 249 € :::
::: front height 5cm / back height 10cm on all boards :::
(price adjustments June 2014)
Prices include 19% Mwst. Shipping and handling 15€
Please ask for shipping costs outside of germany.
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Place your power supply inside your board (fits any major brand supplier). Enough space for additional buffers and/or splitters.
Use the holes to guide your power chord underneath your board.
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The idea to start building boards was born out of the necessity to create something very pragmatic and at the same time very aesthetic.I’ve gone through many boards that I had built for myself and this is a design that is ever so honest in its approach to keep your setup simple and beautiful. I use solid oak wood and have the boards manufactured under my direction by a very talented woodworker. My approach is to buy things regional. I use only quality parts so that all you need to do is take your pedals and you are ready to do what these boards are meant for. Creating music!
Go play, Oliver


Elvae Pedalboard I How to set up your board from Oliver Scheib on Vimeo.

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